ITEEA The Elementary STEM Journal, Vol. 23, Issue 4
PublisherInternational Technology and Engineering Educators Association, Reston
ReleasedMay 1, 2019
The Elementary STEM Journal, Volume 23, Issue 4 - May, 2019

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From the ITEEA Elementary STEM Council President

From the ITEEA Elementary STEM Council President

Bringing STEM to Life!IMG_1003-300-crop-med.jpg

by Kimberly Bradshaw

On March 27-30 STEM was brought to life in Kansas City.  Attendees were able to connect with one another, share lessons and ideas, and build lifelong relationships with colleagues from around the nation and the world. As the Elementary STEM Council, we were excited to offer many sessions across all disciplines and grade levels. Sessions included topics from classroom teachers successfully using FlipGrid, blogging, and Adobe Spark within the classroom to school librarians who collaboratively used STEM as a way to build upon all grade-level standards. 

In addition to learning new ways that we could bring STEM to life within our classrooms and schools, we took time as an organization to celebrate the successes of leaders within our field of work. Congratulations again to Dr. Michael Daugherty, Director of Innovative Education at the University of Arkansas, for his lasting contributions to elementary STEM.  Dr. Daugherty was this year’s recipient of the Mary Margaret Scobey Award. Dr. Charlotte Holter was recognized as the recipient of the Elementary STEM Council Leadership Award for her contributions to the Elementary STEM Council. Finally, at Saturday morning’s Awards and Recognition Brunch, we celebrated as Dr. Thomas Roberts was awarded the ITEEA Award of Distinction. This award is presented to an individual within technology and engineering education who has advanced the profession through a sustained and recognized record of exemplary professional activity.

As the Elementary STEM Council, we continue to strive to bring STEM to life for each of our members. We hope that you will make plans now to join us March 11-14, 2020 in Baltimore at the 82nd annual ITEEA conference. Better yet, bring your expertise to life for others by applying to present at the conference! The application process is open until June 30 on the ITEEA website at 

This edition of The Elementary STEM Journal contains ways in which Elementary STEM can be brought to life within your classrooms and schools. As many of us begin to close out our school year, we hope that you will find some inspiration to continue the vital role of STEM with your students. 


Kimberly Bradshaw is the Principal of Green Valley Elementary in Roanoke County, VA. She has been an elementary educator for 23 years, serving as an elementary principal for the past ten years. Kim is a member of VASCD, ITEEA, ESC, CSL, and serves on the Family Council for Coastal Carolina University. She holds a Masters of Education in Administration and Supervision from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies from Longwood College. Kim can be reached at