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ITEEA publishes a variety of publications that lead the technology and engineering education profession by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and networking opportunities, including:

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ITEEA develops and produces a variety of high-quality resources that technology and engineering educators can use. ITEEA STEM Education products can also be purchased using the PRINT FORM.

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    Models for Introducing Technology
    A Standards-Based Guide

    These resources provide strategic directions for developing contemporary, beginning-level units and thematic instruction compatible with Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology (STL). Content includes curriculum goals and objectives, instructional strategies and sequences, content connections, and sample student assessment strategies. The information contained in these guides will assist teachers in beginning to implement STL and can also be used by state, provincial, and local curriculum developers in creating standards-based curriculum. 166 pages, 2003. (Download)

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    Exploring Technology, Standard Edition
    A Standards-Based Middle School Model Course Guide

    Focuses on core concepts of technology and various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation. Group and individual activities engage students in brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, and testing their own designs as they discover how engineering and technology impact every individual and society as a whole.
    P223E - $50; Members $45

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    Safer Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs: A Collaborative Guide - Safer hands-on STEM is essential for every instructor and student. Read the latest information about how to design and maintain safer makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM labs in both formal and informal educational and community settings. This book features information about liability/legal standards, better professional practices, safety controls, addressing biological/chemical/physical hazards, first aid procedures, the facilities planning process, recommended designs and existing examples, and frequently asked safety questions. It is easy to read, providing practical recommendations and examples for instructors, administrators, and media specialists. If your community or school system is looking to design or modify a facility to engage students in safer hands-on STEM activities, then this book is a must read! 189 pages, 2017 (spiral bound). FREE preview available at: Available in print only at this time. Shipping charges apply. Price: Members - $42.00, Nonmembers - $49.00. P268

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    Foundations of Technology, Standard Edition - Grades 9-12
    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide

    Prepares students to understand and apply technological concepts and processes that are the cornerstone for the high school technology program. Group and individual activities engage students in creating ideas, developing innovations, and engineering practical solutions. Technology content, resources, and laboratory/classroom activities apply student applications of science, mathematics, and other school subjects in authentic situations. (Download)

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    Books to Briefs has long been a popular feature in ITEEA’s Children’s Technology and Engineering journal. Educator authors begin with children’s books and make clear connections to technology and engineering elementary curriculum through ready-to-use lesson plans, goals, worksheets, and more. The Best of Books to Briefs is divided into three content areas: The Engineering Design Process, The Environment, and Making Connections. (2017). Price: Members - $19.00, Nonmembers - $22.00. P267E.pdf

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    Engineering Design, Standard Edition - Grades 11-12
    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide

    Focuses on how engineers apply their creativity, resourcefulness, mathematical, scientific, and technical knowledge and skills in the creation or refinement of technological products/systems. A key approach will be the employment of a sophisticated, sequential, and iterative design and development process to solve authentic engineering tasks/problems.
    P222E - $95; Members $75 (Download)

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    EbD-TEEMS Grade 6: Our World and Me - Members $26 - Nonmembers $31

    Our World and Me serves as a capstone experience for sixth-grade learners using hands-on inquiry and design as they explore robotics through the engineering field of mechatronics. Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary engineering field that focuses on the integration of mechanical, electrical, and software systems. This sixth-grade curriculum extends ITEEA’s EbD-TEEMS Integrative-STEM Curricula for K-6 as the students create an interactive automaton that (1) educates others about environmental impacts caused by humans/technology, OR (2) presents a new idea on how to reduce human/technological impacts on the environment. P266e $31; Members $26 (Download)

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    Advanced Design Application, Standard Edition - Members $63 - Nonmembers $73

    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide
    Focuses on three dimensions of technological literacy--knowledge, ways of thinking and acting, and capabilities--with the goal of students developing the characteristics of technologically literate citizens. It employs teaching/learning strategies that enable students to explore and deepen their understanding of "big ideas" regarding technology and makes use of a variety of assessment instruments to reveal the extent of understanding. P200E - $73; Members $63 (Download)

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    Invention and Innovation, Fourth Edition
    A Standards-Based Middle School Model Course Guide
    Invention and Innovation prepares students with opportunities to apply the design process in the invention or innovation of a new product, process, or system. In this course, students learn all about invention and innovation. They have opportunities to study the history of inventions and innovations, including their impacts on society. They learn about the core concepts of technology and about the various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation. Students apply their creativity in the invention and innovation of new products, processes, or systems. Finally, students learn about how various inventions and innovations impact their lives. Students participate in engineering design activities to understand how criteria, constraints, and processes affect designs. Students are involved in activities and experiences where they learn about brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, testing, experimenting, and refining designs. Students also develop skills in researching for information, communicating design information, and reporting results.. P231e - $60; Members $54 (Download)

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