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ITEEA publishes a variety of publications that lead the technology and engineering education profession by providing teaching directions, instructional ideas, and networking opportunities, including:

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ITEEA develops and produces a variety of high-quality resources that technology and engineering educators can use. ITEEA STEM Education products can also be purchased using the PRINT FORM.

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    Kansas City 2019 Conference Commemorative T-Shirt - This shirt makes a great memento or gift of your time in Kansas City. The shirt is 6.1 oz cotton, 100% preshrunk, seamless collar, double-needle stitched and taped shoulder-to-shoulder.

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    ITEEA Tie - Wear your ITEEA affiliation proudly! This attractive tie has ITEEA embroidered as well as “STEM to Life” as part of a background pattern.

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    ITEEA Travel Mug - This durable travel mug will keep your coffee hot even after a long day of teaching! Show your ITEEA affiliation every day!

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    Advanced Technological Application - Members $61 - Nonmembers $71
    Advanced Technological Applications is a 36-week course that presents four nine-week learning units. The course is standards-based, with engineering-related curricula designed for upper-level high school students. The goal is to provide an engineering or technical base for high school students who plan to continue their education in technical or engineering programs at the community college or university level. There are eight separate learning units that include both instructor and student guides. Each nine-week learning unit begins with a robust Primary Challenge or design problem that is then supported in subsequent learning cycles. Unit titles are: Information and Communication Technologies, Medical Technologies, Agriculture and Related Biotechnologies, and Entertainment and Recreation Technologies. (Download)

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    Designing Safer Learning Environments for Integrative STEM Education - 4th Edition
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    V. William DeLuca and W. James Haynie, III

    Revised in 2014 by Tyler S. Love and Kenneth Russell Roy
    Completely revised in 2014, this manual aids teachers in developing and carrying out a safety program in the technology and engineering education classroom. The guide uses the systems approach: Safety in the classroom is dependent on the interaction of varied elements, and many of these elements are discussed in the text, such as the environment, human factors, tools and equipment, processes, materials, and outside influences. The manual includes sample releases and other forms that teachers can duplicate for classroom use. New in this edition are 18 printable safety posters with corresponding safety tests and Power-Point presentations and videos that teachers can use to reinforce safer practices as well as a link to ITEEA’s Safety Resource site where teachers can access these resources.. (Download)

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    Technology and Society 3rd Edition - Grades 10-12
    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide

    Technology and Society teaches critical thinking skills as they relate to the creation and use of technology. Through the study of contemporary issues of science and technology, students are introduced to structured methods for assessing technology and science issues and developing defensible opinions and positions. (Download)

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    Technological Design, Third Edition - Grades 9-12
    A Standards-Based High School Model Course Guide

    In Technological Design, engineering scope, content, and professional practices are presented through practical applications. Students, in engineering teams, apply technology, science, and mathematics concepts and skills to solve engineering design problems and innovate designs. Students research, develop, test, and analyze engineering designs using criteria such as design effectiveness, public safety, human factors, and ethics. This course is an essential experience for students who are interested in technology, innovation, design, and engineering. (Download)

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    Models for Introducing Technology
    A Standards-Based Guide

    These resources provide strategic directions for developing contemporary, beginning-level units and thematic instruction compatible with Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology (STL). Content includes curriculum goals and objectives, instructional strategies and sequences, content connections, and sample student assessment strategies. The information contained in these guides will assist teachers in beginning to implement STL and can also be used by state, provincial, and local curriculum developers in creating standards-based curriculum. 166 pages, 2003. (Download)

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    Exploring Technology, Standard Edition
    A Standards-Based Middle School Model Course Guide

    Focuses on core concepts of technology and various approaches to solving problems, including engineering design and experimentation. Group and individual activities engage students in brainstorming, visualizing, modeling, constructing, and testing their own designs as they discover how engineering and technology impact every individual and society as a whole.
    P223E - $50; Members $45

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    Safer Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs: A Collaborative Guide - Safer hands-on STEM is essential for every instructor and student. Read the latest information about how to design and maintain safer makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM labs in both formal and informal educational and community settings. This book features information about liability/legal standards, better professional practices, safety controls, addressing biological/chemical/physical hazards, first aid procedures, the facilities planning process, recommended designs and existing examples, and frequently asked safety questions. It is easy to read, providing practical recommendations and examples for instructors, administrators, and media specialists. If your community or school system is looking to design or modify a facility to engage students in safer hands-on STEM activities, then this book is a must read! 189 pages, 2017 (spiral bound). FREE preview available at: Available in print only at this time. Shipping charges apply. Price: Members - $42.00, Nonmembers - $49.00. P268