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Band Saw Safety Test

Using the drop down menus, select the correct part name that each arrow is pointing to on the machine. Be sure to select a name for each part. Do not use the same part name twice.





Read each statement carefully and decide if it is True or False. Be sure to answer all questions. When finished, enter your FIRST AND LAST NAME along with your teacher's email address and click the submit button.

6. Always wear safety glasses with ANSI Z87.1 markings when operating the Band Saw.

7. Do not inspect material for foreign objects prior to cutting.

8. Blade guard should be 1/8th of an inch above the piece being cut.

9. When cutting a tight curve, first cut relief cuts then push the work piece slowly without twisting or bending the blade.

10. Keep fingers a minimum of 2 inches from the cut line.

11. Hold the material against the blade as you turn on the saw.

12. Hold the material firmly against the table.

13. Cutting round materials is allowed without a V-Block.

14. Cut lines should be clearly marked before cutting.

15. Remove scraps from the Band Saw while the blade is still moving.

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