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Resources - SafetyInherent in STEM laboratories and makerspaces are various safety hazards, yet these spaces are critical for helping students experience the hands-on application of STEM concepts. ITEEA recognizes the need to assist educators in maintaining hands-on STEM learning, but doing so in a safer manner. The following resources have been compiled by ITEEA with the help of state leaders, school administrators, teachers and safety specialists to address important safety issues.  Included are safety products and services provided by professional societies, federal and state agencies, and STEM supply companies. To recommend a resource for review and addition to the list, please submit to Katie de la Paz (ITEEA Communications Director/Editor-in-Chief) and Dr. Tyler Love (ITEEA Safety Editor).


A. Intended use and the purpose of this Safety Resource Page is to improve STEM laboratory/makerspace safety, and provide STEM teachers and administrators with information to make prudent decisions regarding STEM laboratory/makerspace safety based on legal standards for better professional practices.

B. ITEEA does not assume liability for accuracy of information contained within these resources.

C. ITEEA does not imply that methodologies and suggestions outlined are the only applicable ones.

D. Mention of products/companies and any links to items or websites is not intended to reflect endorsement.

This list DOES NOT SUPERSEDE SCHOOL, SCHOOL SYSTEMS, LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAWS, REGULATIONS, CODES AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS. Ultimately it is the responsibility of the teachers and administrators to use the most appropriate legal standards and better professional practices under duty of care to make STEM laboratories and makerspaces safer. (Adapted from