ITEEA Dreamride…Go Baby Go Style!

Go Baby Go! operates out in the world from their hub at the Pediatric Mobility Lab and Design Studio, Dept. of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware. 

The lab is interested in the roles that a child's brain, body, behavior, and environment plays in the development of exploratory behaviors. They focus on reaching, object play, sitting, walking, and the various things children do in everyday life. The lab has been given funding from the National instiutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Foundation for Physical Therapy.

Lab personnel come from a range of backgrounds including fashion, physical and occupational therapy, mechnical/electrical/computer/materials engineering, developmental psychology and exercise science/kinesiology.

A major focus of their day is on the parallel design and prototype production of commercial and DIY tech for play to be used by children and adults in the real world. Current projects/products include garments, toys, race cars and harness environments.