Burke, B .N. ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model
PublisherITEEA , Reston, VA
ReleasedMarch 1, 2014
ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model

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The purpose for the EVALUATION phase is for both students and teachers to determine how much learning and understanding has taken place. 
EVALUATE, the final "E", is an on-going diagnostic process that allows the teacher to determine if the learner has attained understanding of concepts and knowledge. Evaluation and assessment is not linear and should occur at all points (all phases) along the continuum of the instructional process. Some of the tools that assist in this diagnostic process are: rubrics, teacher observation, student interviews, portfolios, project and problem-based learning products. Video segments can be used to determine students’ depth of understanding. Students will be excited to demonstrate their understanding through journals, drawings, models and performance tasks. (Bybee, 1997)


  • Demonstrates an understanding of the eNGINEERing concepts “Design,” “Modeling,” “Resources,” and “Systems” and applies them to “Human Values”  in their solutions
  • Uses self-assessments to determine if they have learned what they needed to learn or wanted to learn in the “Engage” phase (done in each phase)
  • Completes (formative and summative) assessment activities according to established rubrics
  • Uses the EDJ to provide daily and periodic evidence of progress toward learning goals identified at the outset.


  • Uses pre-assessment tools to identify student learning needs, wants and deficiencies
  • Facilitates and engages students to understand “Design,” “Modeling,” “Resources,” and “Systems” and “Human Values” throughout the learning process
  • Ensures that student learning is based on STL, CCSS and NGSS
  • Uses a variety of formative assessment tools throughout each phase
  • Explains rubrics and other assessment tools
  • Provides feedback on online formative and other assessment tools.
  • Utilizes knowing and doing assessment tools to evaluate program effectiveness.