Burke, B .N. ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model
PublisherITEEA , Reston, VA
ReleasedMarch 1, 2014
ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model

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The purpose for the ENRICH phase is to provide students with an opportunity to explore in more depth what they have learned and to transfer concepts to more complex problems. 
ENRICH is the phase at which learners can transfer understanding and purpose to new situations and applications. They understand are able to utilize the concepts “Design,” “Modeling,” “Resources,” and “Systems” and apply them to “Human Values” in ways that enrich their understanding and their ability to transfer learning to new situations and problems. (Bybee, 1997)


  • Understands the Design Process and applies to new situations
  • Enriches the understanding of eNGINEERing concepts to different contexts and applications
  • Conducts appropriate research
  • Enters data on Inventors logbook
  • Considers “spinoffs” based on the basic design


  • Provides students with resources for identifying new applications of design concepts
  • Questions students to ensure connections are made to broader contexts
  • Guides students in producing effective communication through EDJ entries