Burke, B .N. ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model
PublisherITEEA , Reston, VA
ReleasedMarch 1, 2014
ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model

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The purpose for the eNGINEER phase is to provide students with an opportunity to develop greater depth of understanding about the problem topic by applying concepts, practices and attitudes. They use concepts learned about the natural world and apply them to the man-made (designed) world.
eNGINEER is the phase of learning where learners use inquiry and integrate it with the concepts of engineering concepts to make informed design decisions in their solutions. They engineer creative solutions using design,systems, modeling, resources and human values as the basis for development, construction, refinement, assessment and redesign. “The materials used in this phase are designed to intensify learning in math and science and other core-curriculum subjects, and capitalize on the hands-on interdisciplinary nature of engineering.” (Katehi, 2009, p.92)


  • Applies concepts, principles, and theories related to “Design” and how “Resources” guide decision-making
  • Uses “Design,” “Modeling,” “Human Values,” “Resources” and “Systems” to develop proposed solutions to problems
  • Uses creativity to design and builds solutions
  • Uses the Design Process to test and redesign solutions against criteria and constraints
  • Identifies problems and uses Modeling to predict redefined solutions
  • Applies “what if” concepts to different contexts
  • Controls quality of designed solutions
  • Makes entries and explains eNGINEERing connections in EDJ


  • Introduces the concepts of Design and Resources describing how they interact
  • Reiterates the Design Process
  • Facilitates student learning through use of inquiry and design
  • Elaborates understanding of design failures
  • Provides students with resources for the application of engineering solutions
  • Guides students in the application of quality control methods
  • Encourages EDJ entries and student innovation