Burke, B .N. ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model
PublisherITEEA , Reston, VA
ReleasedMarch 1, 2014
ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model

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The purpose for the EXPLAIN phase is to provide students with an opportunity to explain and refine what they have learned so far and determine what it means. 
EXPLAIN is the phase at which learners begin to communicate what they have learned. Language provides motivation for sequencing events into a logical format. Communication occurs between peers, with the facilitator, and through reflection and Socratic Questioning. The Explain phase introduces vocabulary in context and correct or redirect misconceptions. (Bybee, 1997)


  • Applies concepts, principles, and theories related to “Systems
  • Uses “Modeling,” “Human Values” and “Systems” (Roussouw, 2010, p 422) to develop proposed solutions to problems
  • Uses the Design Process to form explanations
  • Makes entries and explains concepts in EDJ


  • Introduces the concept of Systems and how they interact
  • Reiterates the Design Process
  • Uses Socratic Questioning – seeking to understand, then seeking further understanding through additional questioning
  • Leads class discussions
  • Corrects misconceptions
  • Provides appropriate resources
  • Questions students to ensure connections are made to broader contexts
  • Encourages EDJ entries and student reflection