Burke, B .N. ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model
PublisherITEEA , Reston, VA
ReleasedMarch 1, 2014
ITEEA’s 6E Learning byDeSIGN™ Model

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The purpose for the EXPLORE phase is to provide students with the opportunity to construct their own understanding of the topic. 
In the EXPLORE phase the students have the opportunity to get directly involved with phenomena and materials. As they work together in teams, students build a set of common experiences that prompts sharing and communicating. The teacher acts as a facilitator, providing materials and guiding the students' focus. The students' inquiry process drives the instruction during an exploration. Students are actively learning through inquiry-based science instruction and engineering challenges. Through Socratic Questioning, emphasis is placed on: questioning, data analysis and critical thinking. Through self-designed or guided exploration students make hypotheses, test their own predictions, and draw their own conclusions. (Bybee, 1997)


  • Forms generalizations about major concepts
  • Participates as part of a team
  • Participates in team and class discussions
  • Engages in “Modeling” activities (predictive analysis)
  • Compares team data as it relates to the criteria and constraints
  • Makes entries and develops additional questions in EDJ


  • Introduces  Modeling (predictive analysis) concepts
  • Reiterates the Design Process
  • Encourages student participation in discussions
  • Uses Socratic Questioning – seeking to understand, then seeking further understanding through additional questioning
  • Facilitates student team processes
  • Encourages EDJ entries and student reflection