Customized Webinars

To supplement your face-to-face professional development, ITEEA’s STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ will provide a webinar, or webinar series, tailored to your needs. Customized webinars are led by EbD™ National Teacher Effectiveness Coaches (NTECs) and offer flexible scheduling. For example:


  • EbD™ professional development on a teacher workday: full-day, half-day, or hourly.
  • A series of webinars, one to two hours each, over a period of time: useful to review curricula, introduce a revised curriculum, and support teachers across a district throughout the academic year.
  • Flip the classroom: allow participants to review a learning cycle, KSB (knowledge and skill builder), or unit in an EbD™ course and then attend a webinar to learn how to effectively teach it to maximize student success.
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