Engineers Week 2021: Designing the Future through Engineering byDesign



Join the STEM Center for Teaching and Learning for a hands-on approach to Engineers Week through Engineering byDesign™. This STEMinar will highlight and provide design briefs to use within your class that ensure your learners are experiencing engaging engineering. These design briefs are highlights of content taken from three newly revised curricula through the Engineering byDesign’s 6E model™.

Ryan S. Novitski, ITEEA's STEM CTL Director of Learning, is a graduate of Oswego university in Technology Education, McDaniel University in Educational Leadership, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He has served at the K-12 level as both a Technology and Engineering Educator and Vice Principal.

Mr. Novitski has been an active ITEEA advocate, including presenting at ITEEA conferences, as a National Teacher Effectiveness Coach, and as part of curriculum writing committees for ITEEA as well as for the AP College Board. 


Darcie Jones, ITEEA's STEM CTL Director of Innovation, is a graduate of the Technology Education Program at Millersville University of Pennsylvania where she was introduced to ITEEA and TEECA and, as a result, became a proponent of STEM Education. Darcie spent the last four years as a Lab Technology Teacher in the Northern Virginia area and one year as a School Test coordinator.

Ms Jones recently attended The George Washington University College of Professional Studies Program to continue her education in the area of STEM and received a Programming and Coding certificate.