What's Missing from the Engineering Design Process?

Thursday, October 20, 2022 @ 6:00 PM EST
Presented by: Brendan Murphy

A "deep dive" into the missing elements of the engineering design process with a focus on empathy. As education continues to foster student growth in core academic areas as well as social and emotional areas (SEL) an empathy based approach to the Engineering Design Process can seamlessly integrate SEL and engineering education. This session will provide an understanding of how to integrate empathy in the engineering design process as well as additional projects and curriculum. 

Brendan Murphy is an award winning STEM Educator, Program Developer, and Curriculum Writer. He currently develops, manages, markets, and implements curriculum for K-12 and post-secondary students as well as teacher professional development. Programs in STEM Education include digital fabrication, woodworking, machine certifications, computer aided design, design thinking, micro-electronics, and robotics.

Previously, he worked as an Engineering Teacher at MOT Charter High School where he developed and taught an award winning, four year, student centered, project based Engineering curriculum intended to prepare students for universities as well as engineering and other professional industries. Prior to teaching he spent 5 years working in several fields of Civil Engineering with Jacobs including ITS, highway design, rail design, bridge design, on-site inspection as well as construction management activities. He has also taught multiple drumlines at high schools, universities, and professional groups.