Learning by Evaluating: Priming the Design Process

Thursday, November 17, 2022 @ 7:00 PM EST
Presented by: Nathan Mentzer, Scott R. Bartholomew & Andrew Jackson

How can you get students to think critically, right from the start of the design process? Come learn about our flexible approach, being developed as part of an NSF-funded project. The presentation will show why and how to bring these ideas to your own teaching.

Nathan Mentzer is an associate professor at Polytechnic with a joint appointment to the College of Education at Purdue University. Hired as a part of the strategic P12 STEM initiative, Dr. Mentzer prepares Technology and Engineering candidates for teacher licensure, conducts research and mentors graduate students. Nathan has taken an active role in guiding the evolution of the undergraduate teacher education program at Purdue informed by his National Science Foundation funded research on Design Thinking.

Nathan has been recognized at a variety of levels from local to International. As a researcher, one of his current research projects won the “best research” category at the international level and was a finalist in for another global award. For a recently completed NSF project, he received a Community Partner of the Year award from one of the research sites for the research on learning and implications for practice. At the departmental level, he was recognized as an outstanding faculty in discovery two years in a row. For his efforts in learning, Nathan was recognized by the Polytechnic Dean with the Good to Great award and by three departmental awards.

Nathan’s work as a teacher educator is firmly rooted in his personal teaching experience. He was a teacher in Darby, Montana where he taught high school and junior high school technology education. As a teacher, Nathan expanded the program offerings by developing courses, writing grants, broadening participation of traditionally underrepresented students and actively making explicit connections to other STEM disciplines. He was recognized by the community with three Teacher of the Year awards.


Scott R. Bartholomew, PhD, is an assistant professor of Technology and Engineering Studies at Brigham Young University where he works with aspiring secondary education students. Bartholomew is a former middle school technology teacher  who lived in the Philippines for two years as a religious service missionary and, prior to his role at BYU, Dr. Bartholomew was an assistant professor of Engineering/Technology Teacher Education at Purdue University. Bartholomew is involved in several international STEM education efforts including a position as a Fulbright Scholar (Philippines) and a US-Embassy STEM Grant representative (Turkey). His research revolves around teacher professional development, open-ended design assessment, and international STEM education.



Andrew Jackson is an Assistant Professor of Workforce Education at the University of Georgia. His teaching and research interests relate to design-based learning and teaching in technology and engineering contexts. His current work explores how students navigate open-ended problem solving and design work, and seeks to enhance design teaching and learning through teacher partnerships and classroom research. Andrew received a PhD in Technology through Purdue's Polytechnic Institute, with an emphasis on Engineering and Technology Teacher Education, and completed postdoctoral research at Yale University. He is the recipient of a 2015 Ross Fellowship from Purdue University. He has been recognized as a 21st Century Fellow by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association and as a Teaching Academy Fellow by the University of Georgia.