EbD™ and the National Career Clusters® Framework: STEM and IT Pathways

The EbD™ Program is a model used by schools developing themes in the STEM and IT Clusters that are seeking to increase all students' achievement in technology, science, mathematics, and English through authentic learning. The program is built on constructivist models and creates awareness and competence over time as it builds on learned knowledge and skills--aligning closely with the Cluster Knowledge and Skills in both the STEM and IT Clusters.

The EbD™ Program was designed to maintain integrity through two delivery scenarios.

Pathway program, where schools adopt the articulated sequence of courses in a STEM and/or an IT-themed academy.

Modularizing the components and adapting the design themes to support the STEM, IT, or other academy models. In this scenario, as in many career-themed academy models, some modification is required to ensure themes are aligned with the Cluster Knowledge and Skills.