Engineering byDesign™ (EbD) and the Technology Student Association

Linking EbD™ and TSA-TEAMS

We have created TSA Crosswalks to explain how the EbD curriculum you are teaching aligns with TSA initiatives.


What Is TSA?

Technology Student Association (TSA) is a national organization for middle school and high school students with an interest in technology and STEM. This organization is one of nine Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO), and it is the only CTSO with a focus on preparing students for a future in a technologically literate society.


How Do TSA Crosswalks Benefit My Students?

There are crosswalks between all TSA events and curriculum. These crosswalks are beneficial for classrooms because they show the direct correlation between what is being taught and how it can be applied to life beyond the classroom, and how to be a leader in that life. This fulfills the mission statement of not only TSA, but also education systems – to prepare students for successful careers outside the classroom.


Why Should I Get Involved With TSA? How Can I Learn More?

By becoming a TSA advisor for your students, your teachings will be enhanced by TSA’s leadership experiences, teamwork opportunities, and the motivation for students to pursue STEM careers in a technologically-advancing society. In order to get involved with TSA, educators can go to www.tsaweb.org to learn more and affiliate.


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