Inside Virginia Children’s Engineering Convention 2019

February 21, 2019 at 4:00pm (EST)

Join Dr. Charlotte Holter as she takes you inside this year’s Virginia Children’s Engineering Convention. The Children's Engineering Convention has three major components: 1) staff development for K-5 teachers focusing on strategies that assist children to create, use and control technology, 2) teacher demonstrations of techniques for infusing design, engineering, and technology activities into the Virginia Standards of Learning, and 3) a showcase of technology-based educational resources.


Dr. Charlotte Holter has been a classroom/gifted education teacher for more than 33 years. She received her doctorate degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction: Integrative STEM Education, from Virginia Tech in  2016. Dr. Holter joined the Virginia Children’s Engineering Council in 2007, serving as president (2014/2015) and field editor for the Virginia Children’s Engineering Journal (2012-1014). She has presented at various venues including the Virginia Children’s Engineering Convention, the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Conference, and the NASA Space Gran Consortium. Dr. Holter enjoys traveling with her husband, Bob, and spending time with her grandson, Ben.