The Next ATI will be
Oct 9-11, 2020
For more information, contact:

Ryan Novitski

Authorized Teacher Effectiveness Coaches (ATECs) are authorized to lead EbD professional development for a designated course in your consortium state or district. The STEM CTL will provide each participant with the training, mentoring, and online resources to ensure high quality professional development. Using an ATEC to meet your professional development needs provides flexibility for scheduling and budgets.

Learn to train other teachers in up to three of the following courses:

  • TEEMS PreK-6
  • Exploring Technology (6th grade)
  • Invention and Innovation (7th grade)
  • Technological Systems (8th grade)
  • Foundations of Technology (9th grade)
  • Technology and Society (10-12)
  • Technological Design (10-12)
  • Advanced Design Applications (11-12)
  • Advanced Technological Applications (11-12)
  • Engineering Design (11-12)

Costs (per person):

The Virtual ATI cost is $2,495 to train in one course. One individual may train in two courses for $3,470 or one individual may train in three courses for $4,370.

Please note: TECs are required to intern at a 4-day Summer Institute for each course in which they train. The costs associated with the internship is the responsibility of the intern.