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The Engineering byDesignTM curriculum is accessible to classroom teachers in the Non-Consortium States in one of two ways:  

  • The EbD-BUZZ version, also known as the MRe or MediaRich Edition, is available on a yearly subscription basis and is delivered via our learning management system, EbD-BUZZ. The EbD-BUZZ version of each course provides real-time online access to all course updates and additional interactive media, as well as the online pre- and post- assessments. Teachers using EbD-BUZZ are required to administer the online pre and post assessments provided in each middle and high school course. 


To access online content and assessments available with the EbD-BUZZ version, simply complete and submit the NON-CONSORTIUM NETWORK AGREEMENT FORM to and course access will be set up within 3-5 business days.


EbD-BUZZ  Resources:

ITEEA Elementary STEM Group Membership:

ITEEA Middle & High School Integrative STEM Group Membership Information:


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  • Autodesk Education Community for EbD™ Teachers


    Schools, teachers, and students can access Autodesk software for free from Autodesk’s Education Community. This resource provides how-to videos that walk you through the downloading and use processes, the curriculum, and system requirements.

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    Non-Consortium State Network Agreement Form

    Complete the Non-Consortium State Network Agreement to access our online learning management system, EbD-BUZZ™, for the MediaRichedition™ (MRe™) course guides. The MRe™ also provides online pre/post assessments to measure student learning and a dashboard to access real-time data. The EbD™ Network now includes over 1000 participating schools and over 2000 teachers worldwide. Course access in EbD-BUZZ is granted annually for the term of July 1 - June 30 and automatically renews each fiscal year for existing EbD-BUZZ teachers who have administered pre/post assessments.

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