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The Engineering byDesignTM curriculum is accessible to classroom teachers in a non-consortium state in one of two ways:  

  • The Standard Edition is available for purchase and download at the ITEEA E-Store. This content is comprised of a downloadable version of the most recent revision of each course.
  • The EbD-BUZZ version, also known as the MRe or MediaRich Edition, is available to any teacher on a yearly access basis and is delivered via our learning management system, EbD-BUZZ. The EbD-BUZZ version of each course provides real-time online access to all course updates and additional interactive media, as well as the online pre- and post- assessments. 

Try out EbD-BUZZ!

You are now able to request temporary access to review a course (or courses) in which you are interested for a week (we can make it 2 weeks if needed) in order to make a well-informed decision about which kind of access best fits your needs.  Simply complete the REQUEST FOR EbD COURSE REVIEW ACCESS FORM, and our technical support team will set you up with preview access.

Once you have decided . . .

If you wish go with the SE version, you or your school representative can purchase it locally through the ITEEA E-Store for immediate download.

If you’d like full access to online content and assessments available with the EbD-BUZZ version, simply complete and submit the NON-CONSORTIUM NETWORK AGREEMENT FORM, pay via card or PO, and course access is set up within 1-3 business days.

*Discounts apply for ITEEA members, including STEM School Memberships. Please see Helpful Links below for information on joining ITEEA and receiving a discounted rate on your curriculum purchase!


EbD-BUZZ  Resources:  https://www.iteea.org/STEMCenter/EbD/EbD-BUZZ-Online-Resources.aspx

ITEEA Elementary STEM Group Membership: https://www.iteea.org/Community/Membership/2155.aspx

ITEEA Middle & High School Integrative STEM Group Membership Information: https://www.iteea.org/2158.aspx

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