ITEEA 2015 Conference

STEM Partners

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  • SkillsUSA Wisconsin is a student organization. Learn from students the impact that leadership and skill development can have on STEM career success.
  • Watertown High School is a national ITEEA award winning school. Robotics, automated manufacturing and entrepreneurship drive STEM programming. Students will demonstrate industrial scale robotics in this exhibit.
  • UW Parkside, in partnership with Gateway Technical College, has established a new technology education teacher education model designed to create alternative certification pathways for technology and engineering teachers.
  • Sponsored by First Technologies, the Three Lakes High School Fab Lab is one of the most comprehensive technology and engineering labs with 3D manufacturing and rapid prototyping technology.
  • The Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance has established a network of schools, colleges, and industry partners to address the shortage and skills in STEM related careers. This collection of successful best practices will add value for every school and community.
  • Snap-on is a world leading manufacturer of professional hand tools and diagnostic equipment for the automotive, energy, and aviation industries. Snap-on's support for teacher education is exemplified through the NC3 partnership program. College instructors will share their experience and invite you to engage in this unique partnership opportunity.
  • What are the STEM skills your students are expected to learn? NOCTI is a national collaboration of states and industry partners that specialize in measuring what matters. Test your skills with a hands on demonstration assessment.
  • The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is a network of over 200 colleges and universities focused on advanced technologies and STEM curriculum. Learn about this valuable network of resources and peer-to-peer collaboration dedicated to the development of a STEM talent pipeline.
  • The global standard for manufacturing skills is delivered through the MSSC curriculum and assessments. College and industry leaders will share how MSSC can improve career opportunities for students and teachers.
  • GPS Partners links high school students with employers to provide work experiences and engage youth in value-added STEM education experiences. Meet students and GPS leaders to learn how a GPS partners can help your students.
  • Racine Unified School District's Gilmore middle school students are flying high with STEM with their aeronautical analysis of flight.
  • The Dream Flight USA "STEM Shuttle" travels to schools with the mission of motivating student to learn. The STEM Shuttle program is designed for grades 4-8.
  • Burlington High School has partnered with the Associated General Contractors (AGC) and the Scherrer Group to integrate STEM competencies into their construction academy. Students will demonstrate the importance of STEM education in the construction industry.
  • Union Grove High School has developed a comprehensive approach to STEM education. Visit with teachers and students about classroom and community-based projects that inspire innovation and STEM competencies.
  • Brillion High School has partnered with Ariens Corporation in the development of a technology center that exemplifies STEM education. Meet teachers and students to learn about this integrated industry partnership.
  • The Wisconsin Regional Training Partnership Big STEP in partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools have developed "Tech Turn," a program that provides STEM students with hands-on activities integrated into live construction sites such as Froedert Health and the Medical College of Wisconsin.