ITEEA 2022 Conference

September 14, 2021 AT 05:04 PM
Orlando, FL






An Invitation from ITEEA's President, Dr. Virginia Jones

The 2022 conference focuses on the roadmap that Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL) provides for all educators. The conference theme highlights the importance of the three organizers within STEL—standards, practices, and contexts with connections and learning opportunities for all STEM learners!

 Key Idea 1: Standards, Practices, and Contexts for PreK-12 and Teacher Preparation Programs

STEL provides the standards, practices, and contexts that define how all students can become technologically and engineering literate. Sessions in this Key Idea will provide examples of technology and engineering education as an integrative subject.

 Key Idea 2: Creating Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Partnerships and Practices for Technology and Engineering Education

A strong focus on the essential knowledge within STEL is the focus of Key Idea 2. Educators provide inclusive, diverse learning opportunities across all grade levels. Sessions will provide learning opportunities for all ages and focus on inclusive, diverse lessons and learning.

 Key Idea 3: Unpack, Implement, and Share STEL—Best Practices for All

STEL is a powerful, comprehensive tool for all educators. Key ideas in the area showcase lesson plans, activities, or research and findings that helps one use STEL to its fullest!

 Key Idea 4: Connecting Technology and Engineering Education with Other Disciplines and the Workforce

STEL promotes an interdisciplinary approachto break down the silos between disciplines as well as to better collaborate with our workforce partners. This Key Idea is intended to promote ways to integrate and connect for student success and how to make those powerful, needed connections with workforce partners now and in the future.