Elementary Classroom Preparation for Fall of 2020-Teaching After Covid-19

Were you in shock back in March when all of a sudden you had to teach your curriculum completely on-line? Are you going back to school “in person”, “on-line” or will it be a hybrid of both? Join us on July 29th for a STEMinar on how some elementary educators might spend their summer preparing for the beginning of the new school year in September, when we are really unsure if learning will take place online or in person. Summer is a great time to catch up on Professional Development, try out new things and make modifications to your curriculum to be prepared for the Fall of 2020.   

Tracy Young is the STEAM Specialist at Benton Hall Academy in Little Falls, NY. Mrs. Young is the Engineering by Design instructor for over 500 students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.  She is also the Secretary for the ITEEA Elementary STEM Council.  

In 2018, Mrs. Young was awarded the Observer Dispatch’s Amazing Teacher Award. This is her third year using the EbD program.  Three of Mrs. Young’s fifth grade students won the 2018 ITEEA Elementary STEM Council’s Grand Design Challenge. Mrs. Young was previously a first grade teacher and is in her 27th year of teaching.