Board of Directors

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ITEEA Board of Directors

  • Scott Nichols
    Scott Nichols
    Tech & Eng Education Supervisor Maryland State Department of Education 14107670177
  • Molly S. Miller
    Molly S. Miller
    Technology & Engineering Educator Penn Manor High School (717)639-6257
  • Charlie McLaughlin, DTE
    Charlie McLaughlin, DTE
    Rhode Island College 14014568466
  • Kelly Dooley
    Kelly Dooley
    Executive Director/CEO 17038178044
    Executive Director
  • Michele Dischino
    Michele Dischino
    Professor, Technology and Engineering Education Central Connecticut State University (860)832-1857
    Region I Director
  • Mark Harrell
    Mark Harrell
    Engineering Consultant & Director of KYTSA, Career Pathways Branch Kentucky Department of Education (502)803-0836
    Region II Director
  • Hannah Reisdorf
    Hannah Reisdorf
    ITEEA Region 3 Director, MTEEA Director of Affiliates and Professional Growth,... Middle School Industrial Technology Dilworth, Glyndon, Felton School District 218
    Region III Director
  • Gina Nakahara
    Gina Nakahara
    Technology Education, Manufacturing Technology, Automation Technology, OSHA-10,... Advanced Manufacturing Instructor College of Southern Nevada (757)597-6654
    Region IV Director
  • Mike Fitzgerald
    Mike Fitzgerald
    Education Associate, Eng/Tech Ed 13028573334
    CSL Director
  • Cathrine Maiorca
    Cathrine Maiorca
    Assistant Professor Oklahoma State University (702)374-3973
    ESC Director
  • Virginia R. Jones
    Virginia R. Jones
    Academy of Fellows, EL, DTE, 21st Century Adjunct Professor, Old Dominion University (434)579-5174
    SSC Director
  • Steven Shumway
    Steven Shumway
    PhD Professor Brigham Young University (801)422-6300
    CTETE Director
  • Kevin Sutton
    Kevin Sutton
    EdD, DTE Assistant Professor Appalachian State University 18282623231
    TEECA Director