ITEEA Committees & Task Forces

 ITEEA’s Committees encompass all of the year-to-year continuing operational activities required to maintain a viable and progressive organization. Committee members are recommended by the President Elect, appointed by the President, and approved by the Board.
ITEEA's standing Committees include:

Provide recognition to members and programs as they advance as leaders in the profession and/or contribute to the excellence of technology and engineering education.

Chair: Byron McKay
Staff Contact: Katie de la Paz

Review and select quality programming for ITEEA’s Annual Conference and coordinate with ITEEA staff on communication to presenters, scheduling, and logistics.
Chair: Douglas Lecorchick
Staff Contact: Katie de la Paz

Identify the slate of officers for the Association consistent with the ITEEA Bylaws.

Assess prospective member needs, inform enhancements to member benefits, and recommend strategies to best recruit and retain Association membership.

Lead and coordinate the development and marketing of ITEEA standards and related resources.
Chair: Tyler Love
Staff Contact: Scott Weiler

Vision, plan, and implement ITEEA’s 21st Century Leadership Academy to grow future leaders for the technology and engineering education profession and ITEEA.
Chair: Rod Thompson
Staff Contact: Kelly Dooley



ITEEA’s Task Forces are assigned a specific task to study and make recommendations to the ITEEA Board of Directors. Task Force members are recommended by the Immediate Past President, appointed by the President, and approved by the Board. ITEEA’s Task Forces vary year to year and are often aligned with the strategic plan.

ITEEA's current Task Forces include:

Develop a consistent message of who ITEEA is, who we serve, and what we do.
Chair: Kim Bradshaw
Staff Contact: Katie de la Paz

Inventory all resources posted on and archived from and propose a structure for sharing and maintaining ITEEA’s valued resources intuitively and effectively that enhances membership and engagement.
Chair: Scott Weiler
Staff Contact: Joe Fleming