The Secondary STEM Council (SSC)

The Secondary STEM Council (SSC) is an affiliate council of ITEEA promoting technology and engineering education in secondary schools by supporting teachers with instructional materials and in-service professional development workshops and technology and engineering activity curriculum packages.

SSC's promotes technology and engineering education for the elementary schools and builds a collaborative network of educators dedicated to the advancement of technological and engineering literacy at the secondary level. Benefits of SSC membership include:

  • Access to professional development opportunities that promote understanding and build capacity in teaching technology and engineering at the secondary level.
  • Access to middle and high school technology and engineering resources that promote children’s creativity, ingenuity, and design-based problem solving skills.
  • Invitation to meetings, workshops, and events at the ITEEA Annual Conference, which cater to the needs of those integrating technology and engineering concepts and skills at the middle and high school levels.
  • Contribute to promotion of the study of technology and engineering as a vital aspect in every middle and high school.
  • Eligibility for SSC awards and recognition, including participation in the annual 
  • Eligibility to run for SSC officer positions.

Current ITEEA members can add an SSC membership for $25/year.
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