REACH Challenge

REACH Challenge is an impactful Adaptive and Assistive Technology design thinking project for middle school, high school, and college STEM programs, showcasing ITEEA’s mission that “Technology and Engineering Bring STEM to Life!” Teachers are provided a Toolkit of curriculum and resources to lead their students to create a viable adaptive or assistive technological solution to help someone in their community. Projects can then be submitted to ITEEA for an opportunity to earn awards and funding for their STEM program!

ExCITE (Exploring Computation Integrated into Technology and Engineering)

Exploring Computation Integrated into Technology and Engineering (ExCITE) is a three-year Medium Size High School Strand CSforAll:RPP Project. ExCITE will develop a professional development (PD) program that will serve as a prototypical model to prepare the nation’s high school (HS) technology and engineering (T&E) teachers to teach an Advanced Placement (AP) level one-year computer science principles (CSP) course within T&E classrooms.

Twenty-First Century Leadership Academy

The 21st Century Leadership Academy (21CLA) was established in 2006 as an initiative to facilitate leadership development within ITEEA and the technology and engineering education profession. The goal is to create tomorrow's most successful and respected technology and engineering leaders, consultants, and strategic thinkers.