Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA)

The Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA) consists of undergraduate student organization chapters and individual memberships. 


Top Reasons for students to join ITEEA and TEECA:

  1. Networking. When you join TEECA, you will not only get to know students in your year of study but of all years. As you progress through the program you will watch your friends graduate and go on to great things. When it is time for your walk with a cap and gown, your friends who have been in the workforce will try to hire you to join their team. You will also get to know alumni who will provide job opportunities and helpful contacts. Finally, as you grow your relationship with the faculty, research positions and other undergraduate employment openings will become more available.
  2. Conferences. There are many great experiences for students to be involved in. There are conferences like TEECA East for the east coast schools, where the universities compete in content and skill related challenges. At these events, there are job fairs, networking events and skill development chances.
  3. Job Opportunities. Organizations like TEECA are a great source of information about internships and post graduation full time employment openings. As you get to know more current students and alumni from your university and others, more job opportunities will be available.
  4. Leadership Experience. Through TEECA, there are many opportunities to grow and develop your leadership skills. This can be completed by taking an officer position, leading a team and attending conferences. All these skills can be directly applied to the work force no matter the field entering.
  5. Make Friends. College can be an intimidating place where it can be difficult to make new friends. At TEECA, you will be able to meet people with common interests that will be in the same major specific classes with you. Attending class is much more fun when you already know the majority of your peers and have gotten to know the professor through their involvement in the organization.

Are you a future STEM leader? Then TEECA is for you!



ITEEA student members are automatically members of TEECA at no additional charge.

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