Engineering byDesign™

Engineering byDesign™ (EbD)™ is built on the belief that the ingenuity of children is untapped, unrealized potential that, when properly motivated, will lead to the next generation of technologists, innovators, designers, and engineers.
Why EbD?
Using constructivist models, students participating in the program learn concepts and principles in an authentic problem-/project-based environment. Through an integrative STEM environment, EbD™ uses all four STEM content areas, as well as English Language Arts, to help students understand the complexities of tomorrow.

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K-12 Standards-BasedThe CORE
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PreK-2   EbD-TEEMS NxtGen 1-6 weeks
3-6   TEEMS NxtGen(5th/6th grade capstone) 1-6 weeks
PreK-5   TEEMS NxtGen™ Computing byDesign 12 weeks
6   Exploring Technology 18 weeks
7   Invention and Innovation 18 weeks
8   Technological Systems 18 weeks

EfA Extension Units:
Vertical Farms: Fresh Food for Cities
Water: The World in Crisis

4-7 weeks per unit
9   Foundations of Technology and Engineering 36 weeks
9-12   AP Computer Science Principles byDesign 36 weeks
9-12   OnShape Certification byDesign LINK
10-12   Technological Design 36 weeks
11-12   Advanced Design Applications 36 weeks
11-12   Advanced Technological Applications 36 weeks
11-12   Engineering Design (Capstone) 36 weeks
EbD™ offers the Premier Standards-Based Curriculum Model designed to be flexible, affordable, and accountable.
The PreK-12 curriculum is based on the Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy, as well as national standards for science, math, and Common Core and the NAE’s Grand Challenges for Engineering.
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