SSC Awards and Recognition

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The Secondary STEM Council (SSC) recognizes the contributions of outstanding middle and high school educators making an impact in technology, engineering, and STEM education.

SSC members are eligible for awards and recognition annually, including:

Annual Global Design Challenge for Secondary STEM Students

(DEADLINE: December 2024)

In 2008, the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE) identified 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century. The Grand Challenges were designed to cause students and educators to think about solutions to the big challenges affecting all of our lives. It’s now time for secondary students to get in on the action and show the world that they can solve big STEM design problems as well. The Secondary STEM Council sponsors the Global Design Challenge for Secondary STEM (GDC) annually to provide students with a chance to solve a real problem, and show the world that everyone can help find solutions to these global challenges.

SSC "Rising Star" Award 


This award recognizes innovation, persistence, and the unique challenges related to being a new STEM educator and will be presented to someone who exemplifies the needed passions to provide high-quality integrated STEM instruction to students. Must be an SSC member with five or fewer years' experience.

SSC "Supporting STEM Star" Award 


This award recognizes the contributions of those not directly in the STEM classroom, yet they are champions of integrative STEM education and promote all things STEM tirelessly. Must be an SSC member with three or more years' experience who works as a counselor, magnet facilitator, instructional coach, or administrator.

SSC "Teacher of the Year" Award 


This award recognizes an outstanding integrative STEM educators in middle and high school who exemplifies the highest standards of inclusion of integrative STEM activities in the classroom and use of all modalities to ensure all learners are engaged in integrative STEM activities. Must be an SSC member with six or more years' experience teaching at the middle or high school level (one award will be presented for each).