Research on Teaching and Learning

The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ (STEM CTL™) is engaged in validating the Technology and Engineering of STEM through research that focuses on integrative STEM education and data-driven discovery.

Research Focus

The research expertise of STEM CTL™ in technology/engineering and integrative STEM education draws on decades of experience in national and international surveys, systemwide testing and monitoring, and assessment and reporting. The research focus of the STEM CTL™ seeks to inform STEM educational policy and practice, including research into teacher education, curriculum development, professional development and student achievement.

The research conducted by STEM CTL™ engages with contemporary challenges of professional practice in integrative STEM education from early childhood to high school. Educational activities are studied within the structures and practices of policies, educational and learning environments.


The aim of partnerships is to provide data-driven evidence of integrative STEM learning for all students. Partnerships with higher education institutions have resulted in several research projects, such as:

The STEM CTL™ welcomes opportunities for collaboration!

For more information about the research focus of the STEM CTL™, prospective partnerships, and potential projects, email