Distinguished Technology and Engineering Professional "DTE"

Deadline: November 1


Description: ITEEA’s Distinguished Technology and Engineering Professional (DTE) designation is a coveted mark of distinction in technology and engineering education. It recognizes technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators who have demonstrated a high level of competence and professional activity in the field of technology and engineering education. The DTE program also acknowledges the essential principles of adult learning, incorporating into the process recognition and credit for work experiences and other accomplishments. 

The objectives of this recognition program are:

  • To encourage a continuing program of professional development for technology and engineering educators.
  • To encourage self-assessment by offering guidelines for achievement in the profession.
  • To recognize educators who have demonstrated a high level of competence and conscientiousness in technology and engineering education over a substantial period of time.

The benefits to selected applicants are:

  • Increased respect and recognition by members in the profession.
  • Increased professional credibility.
  • Increased ability to compete in the job market.
  • Increased remuneration and job benefits.

This recognition is presented at ITEEA's Annual Conference.


  • Have at least seven (7) years' experience as a full time technology/engineering educator prior to the date of application and have seven (7) consecutive years of membership in ITEEA and hold a current membership at the time the DTE is awarded.
  • Possess acceptable ability, character, and reputation.
  • Pledge to adhere to the ITEEA policy, "This We Believe."
  • Have attended at least one ITEEA annual conference in the last five years prior to application.
  • Have served actively on at least one ITEEA committee in the five years prior to application.
  • Donate $100 (tax deductible) to ITEEA's Foundation to be used for educational programs. This is a one-time donation regardless of the number of times you apply. Note: An applicant who is denied the DTE designation may request, at his/her discretion, a refund of the Foundation donation.
  • Have been a member of an affiliated association for the five most recent years and maintain (hold) current membership.