Technology and Engineering Education - September 2023


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Welcome to the premiere issue of Technology and Engineering Education: Bringing STEM to Life!



BRINGING STEM TO LIFE: Lessons from Dilbert: Clarifying Design Expectations: Learning Inspiration and Consensus through Evaluation

As educators, how might we promote student evaluation skills so that they can evaluate their own works as they progress through the design process?

PREPARING FUTURE T&E TEACHERS: Models for Integrating Research into Tech Ed Projects

A description of the evolution of a senior capstone course in Technology Education to integrate and increase research practices.

IDEAS FOR SECONDARY INSTRUCTION: Experiences of Incorporating Virtual Modeling in Technology and Engineering Classrooms

A look at how virtual modeling has impacted classroom experiences from the perspective of secondary technology and engineering education teachers.

BUILDING A STEM TEACHING TOOLKIT: Growing Grit through Challenge

Grit is important for success in both K-12 STEM classrooms and also the STEM workforce. This article explores how grit is grown through social, mental, and physical challenge in a middle school STEM classroom in Northwest Indiana.

ELEMENTARY STEM IN ACTION: Computational Thinking Friends

Focuses on four of the most commonly included elements of computational thinking: abstraction, decomposition, algorithmic thinking, and pattern recognition.

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES: Landscaping Korean STEM Education and Teachers and Researchers in the Field of Technology and Engineering Education

An examination of how convergence education policy in Korea began and developed, and what challenges it faced from the standpoint of teachers and researchers in the field of Technology Education.


  • Ira E. Compton, III
  • Zach Glennon

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