Prakken Professional Cooperation Award

Deadline: November 1


Description: This award is in honor of Lawrence J. Prakken, a longtime commercial exhibitor and distributor of the latest ideas and products for educators and a significant supporter of what was then called industrial arts. Additionally, he was the editor of School Shop/Tech Directions for many years. He was a facilitator of professional cooperation for commercial exhibitors, teachers, and students seeking to advance the profession. 

The Prakken Professional Cooperational Award is presented to an individual who, through teaching, research, and professional service, has promoted the field of technology and engineering education in collaboration with other fields or disciplines. To qualify for this award, individuals should be involved with projects that collaborate with other disciplines, such as science, engineering, mathematics, marketing, management, etc. The recipient of the award may be from inside or outside of the field of technology and engineering education. Nominees do not need to be members of ITEEA.

This award is presented at ITEEA's Annual Conference.


  • Self nominations are accepted.
  • In most cases, there is only one winner per awards cycle.
  • If not selected, nominees can request that their materials be added to the next awards cycle. Materials will not roll over without a request.
  • To upload support materials after application submission, use the upload link below and include nominee's last name, name of award, and author's name as part of file names (e.g., "Jones Prakken Award - support letter Smith")


  • 2024 | Jessica Murphy
  • 2023 | Paul W. Camick, Ed.D.
  • 2022 | Frank Caccavale
  • 2021 | Trena Wilkerson
  • 2020 | Robert Pletka
  • 2019 | Gavin Wood
  • 2018 | Dierdre Shetler
  • 2015 | Kenneth R. Roy
  • 2011 | Patti Curtis
  • 2010 | Thea Sahr
  • 2008 | Andrea Prejean
  • 2007 | Senta Raizen
  • 2006 | Larry Vilbrough
  • 2005 | Flint L. Wild
  • 2004 | Dr. Joyce Winterton
  • 2003 | Douglas Gorham, Ed.D.
  • 2002 | Dr. Lung-Sheng Lee
  • 2001 | Dr. Hidetoshi Miyakawa

2000 and Earlier

  • William A. Wulf
  • James Rutherford
  • Joseph H. Oakey
  • Pamela Mountjoy
  • Peter Edward Lowe
  • James R. Johnson
  • Robert Brown
  • Larry Bilbrough
  • Rodger W. Bybee
  • Jerry D. Drennan
  • Barbara R. Morgan
  • Greg Pearson
  • Gerhard L. Salinger