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Engineering byDesign™ (EbD™) is available in Virginia through the CTE Resource Center, a grant-funded project of the Virginia Department of Education. The CTE Resource Center, is a grant-funded project of the Virginia Department of Education. The Center supports career and technical education programs by providing resources for curriculum development and program design and implementation in response to the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act.

Access to the Standard Edition (SE in PDFs) of EbD™ curriculum is available at no cost to individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria: 1) Virginia teacher, 2) University and college departments that are a VA-EbD™ partner.

Access to the Media Rich Edition (MRE) and online assessments through EbD™ is limited to schools that complete a Network School Agreement and pay an annual fee. For more information, please contact Kevin Reilly, VA-EbD™ Administrative Coordinator at or (804) 673-3778.

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The Engineering byDesign™ (EbD™) curriculum is accessible to classroom teachers in the Consortium States in one of two ways: 

  1.  Because you teach in an EbD Consortium State, the Standard Edition is available for teachers in your state to download from your Consortium State page at no cost to you. This content is comprised of a downloadable version of the most recent revision of each course. 

If it’s your first time accessing the EbD™ Standard Edition, you’ll first need to “request access” from your state supervisor using the button below.

Request Access to EbD Standard Editions

If you have already requested access to the EbD™ Standard Edition
, you can access the EbD Standard Editions below (you must be logged in).

Access EbD Standard Editions


    1. The EbD™-BUZZ version, also known as the MediaRich Edition (MRe), is available on a yearly subscription basis (July 1 to June 30) and is delivered via our learning management system, EbD-BUZZ. The EbD-BUZZ version of each course provides real-time online access to all course updates and additional interactive media, as well as the online pre- and post- assessments. Teachers using EbD-BUZZ are required to administer the online pre- and post-assessments provided in each middle and high school course.

     If you'd like access to the EbD™-BUZZ version:

      1. Download the ITEEA Network School Agreement and Application.
      2. Read the agreement, and complete the application, selecting the coursework that you would like to purchase.
        • The agreement must be signed by an authorized representative on p. 5.
        • Please ensure you include your preferred method of payment on the application on p. 7.
        • Please include the contact information for the lead teacher, plus all additional teachers requiring curriculum access on pp. 7-9.
        • If an invoice, quote, W9, and/or sole source letter needs to be procured for your district please reach out to STEM CTL staff.
      3. Send the completed ITEEA Network School Agreement and Application to STEM CTL staff.
      4. Upon receipt of the completed ITEEA Network School Agreement and Application, a notification email will be sent to all recipients listed in the negotiated agreement. Please allow 1-3 business days to process enrollment into all coursework.

    Virginia Contacts

    Ray Wu-Rorrer
    Ray Wu-Rorrer
    CTE/STEM Teacher Meridian High School Sustainability Academy 17037205702
    State Champion
    Kevin Reilly
    Administrator Coordinator CTE Resource Center 18046733778
    EbD State Consortium Director