Special Recognition Awards

The deadline for All Special Recognition Awards is November 1.

Academy of Fellows  

This award is the highest recognition that ITEEA can bestow, and grants membership in the Academy of Fellows of ITEEA. To qualify, the individual must have gained prominence in and brought honor to the profession of T&E Education.

Award of Distinction

This award is presented to an individual within technology and engineering education who has advanced the profession through a sustained and recognized record of exemplary professional activity. 

William E. Dugger Exemplary Collaboration Award

This award is  presented to an individual or team making a significant contribution to Technology and Engineering Education through collaboration. Special weight will be given to those whose efforts have been significantly influenced through direct collaboration with Dr. Dugger or one of Dr. Dugger’s collaborators.

This award is presented to an ITEEA member worthy of commendation for service to ITEEA. To be considered, individuals must have provided continuous service to ITEEA and their affiliate association(s) and/or the profession. 

Lockette/Monroe Humanitarian Award

This award is presented to an ITEEA member who has promoted humanistic values while serving as a technology and engineering education professional on the national/international, state/province, or local level in one or more of the following areas: a) Developing social awareness, b) Preserving democratic and/or human dignity processes, and/or c) Maximizing the potential of individuals. 

Public Understanding of Technology and Engineering Education Award

This award is presented to an individual who, while working in their field, has also contributed substantially to the public understanding of T&E. Nominations are encouraged to identify candidates whose contributions have reached broad audiences and have a sustained record of contributing to the public understanding of T&E. 

Prakken Professional Cooperation Award

This award is presented  to an individual who, through teaching, research, and professional service, has promoted the field of T&E Education in collaboration with other fields or disciplines. To qualify for this award, individuals should be involved with projects that collaborate with other disciplines, such as science, engineering, mathematics, marketing, management, etc. 

Special Recognition Award

This award is presented to an individual who meets one of the following criteria: a) Promoted T&E Education at any level (local to international) with a resulting impact, b) Actively facilitated or participated in professional development for T&E educators with a resulting impact, or c) Recognized at any level for outstanding service or achievement in T&E Education.