Technology and Engineering Education - Vol 1, #2 - November 2023


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Emphasizing the Significance of Technology and Engineering in STEM Education through Assessment


BRINGING STEM TO LIFE: Integrating Nature into Technology and Engineering

A look at an interdisciplinary mindset of blending technology and nature helps promote a child’s whole self and how meet the needs of all students.

BUILDING A STEM TOOLKIT: Technical Experiments and the Bell Prototypes

An explanation of how the implementation of [Bell’s] technical experiments provides a great context for engaging students in the mental and technical processes that formed the foundation of electronic communication.

IDEAS FOR SECONDARY INSTRUCTION: Technology and Engineering Students Learn Bicycle Design Involving Frame Stiffness

A description of how the authors have developed a hands-on, project-based lesson that utilizes the design of a bicycle frame combined with applying mathematics and science principles.

BUILDING A STEM TEACHING TOOLKIT: Virtual Reality to Enhance STEM Learning

This article explores how virtual reality (VR) and immersive visual technologies can be coupled to enhance student learning.

LESSONS FROM STEM TEACHERS: Using the Technology and Engineering Practices to Create an Effective Technology and Engineering Classroom

An explanation of Technology and Engineering Practices and how they can be applied in the technology and engineering classroom.

IDEAS FOR SECONDARY INSTRUCTION: Sustainability in Action: Applications of AgroLab Framework

Students in the FCCPS sustainability program experience urban agriculture and environmental science through multiple, intentional experiences that combine their classroom instruction with project-based activities in facilities designed specifically for sustainability education.

INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVES: The STEM Landscape in Hong Kong's Special Administrative Region (HKSAR)

Describes the history, status, and development of STEM in Hong Kong.


  • Diana Ferguson
  • Jeremie Meyer

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