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EbD NASA STEM Design Challenge Units - Elementary, Middle, High (P230E)

EbD NASA STEM Design Challenge Units - Elementary, Middle, High (P230E)

EbD™-NASA STEM Design Challenge Units
Designing Human Exploration: People, Education, and Technology

Integrated into the Engineering byDesign™ (EbD™) model program are standards-based instructional units for elementary, middle, and high school that are presented in the context of space exploration. These units are available separately and can be used as stand-alone units. In some cases, the units are an integral component of an EbD™ course; in other instances, the units can serve to augment an EbD™ course or to replace an entire unit in the course. Look for the HEP offerings in the EbD™ section of this Product Guide.

Lunar Plant Growth Chamber Design Challenges
Developed in conjunction with NASA’s STS-118 Mission and the first Educator Astronaut in space
Through a partnership with NASA, ITEEA/ITEA is pleased to offer the STS-118 Design Challenges. These challenges coordinate with the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s STS-118 mission that flew in August 2007 and delivered a payload to the International Space Station. The six-person crew included ITEEA member and Educator Astronaut, Barbara Morgan. Ms. Morgan and NASA are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of explorers and finding ways to connect space exploration with K–12 classrooms. The Design Challenges focus on a lunar plant growth chamber design. A second phase coordinates with the Design Challenge to offer a science experiment on the growing of seeds. Each unit consists of two tracks: Design and Build or Design and Evaluate. Details can be found at

All three units: Elementary Unit: Moon Munchies
Middle School Unit: Packing Up for the Moon
High School Unit: Lunar Growth Chamber

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