ITEEA President Advises Sea Air & Land Challenge Team

Twelve students at Forest Glen Middle School are participating in the Penn State Southeast Regional Sea, Air, and Land Challenge to be held on May 13 at Colonel Fred Cherry Middle School in Suffolk, Virginia.

The students are working in three teams of four with each team taking on a different challenge. The Sea team members are Logan Smith, Logan Richards, Liam Gomes, and Jackson Mullikin, all 6th Grade students.  The Air team is made up of Lucas McDonough (8th Grade), Haley Campbell (8th Grade), Lizzie Ellis (6th Grade), and Chancellor Ritchie (6th Grade). The land team includes Logan Powell (8th Grade), Joseph Kitchen (7th Grade), Jenna Leighty (6th Grade), and Alton Eretkin (6th Grade).

The students have submitted their Preliminary Design Reports and recently received feedback on their PDRs, made their revisions, placed the order for their equipment, and are ready to move on to complete their next steps. They are also reviewing and revising their designs to improve their plans. Their advisor, Debra E. Shapiro, DTE, is their technology and engineering teacher. We are honored to have a special advisor from the United States Navy SeAL Team. He has been working closely with the sea team to remodel and improve the underwater ROV that has been used in the past.

If you are interested in participating in the Sea, Air, and Land Challenge, there is a recording of the webinar presented by Susan Zingaro and Debra Shapiro with links to the Sea, Air, and Land Challenge website and EbD curriculum available as part of ITEEA’s On-Demand Learning Library.