News Release: ITEEA Board Approves Revisions to Two Governing Documents

News Release: ITEEA Board

Approves Revisions to Two Governing Documents

RESTON, VA, June 14, 2022 - ITEEA’s Board of Directors met on Saturday, June 10th, 2023 and approved revisions to two important governing documents – the ITEEA Strategic Plan and ITEEA’s Statement for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Sense of Belonging (DEIB).


The revised Strategic Plan includes refinements to the vision and mission, two new strategies under Goal 3: Partnerships and Collaboration related to State Champions and joint memberships, and the addition of a sixth Goal on Recruitment and Retention. These changes were informed by feedback collected from ITEEA’s members during the 2022-2023 Town Hall series, via surveys, and from sessions at the ITEEA 2023 Conference.


ITEEA’s updated Statement for DEIB now includes sense of belonging as a critical pillar of our organizational values. Further, ITEEA has committed to an enhanced set of actions to engage a broader group of stakeholders, support greater collaboration and idea generation, and move the profession and organization forward.


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Thank you in advance for taking an active interest in your professional association. ITEEA counts on its members to help guide future leadership and direction.